Our Philosophy

You will have selected a pool designer based on the quality of the products of his labor. By selecting this pool designer to build your swimming pool, you passed up other builders who drive fancy trucks or who have celebratory websites; he thought too much of himself. The choice is simple. Premier Pools is an award winning, state certified pool builder. You also ignored some builders who built hundreds of production-line pools; he was interested in getting done with your pool, like countless other pools, so he could get paid. These others are efficient, but to them, your pool was just another dollar figure in their margins. Instead, the pool builder you selected understands he is judged as a builder by the quality of the life memories that were created in the pools on which he labored, not his fancy truck or the number of pools he built. As business people, we often place heavy emphasis on the bottom line and our personal accomplishments. But I think ahead to my retirement dinner, just as my father and grandfather have gone before me: Would I prefer a slide show of all the beautiful pools I made, complete with awards and charts demonstrating my prowess as a builder, or do I want to share one last evening with those whose lives were enriched by their memories of their children and good times enjoyed with friends around a Jim Sardelli designed backyard swimming pool environment?     

Premier Pools

Building Process

From Start to Finish, our highly trained certified staff will cater to your every need try to keep your backyard as clear as possble during the construction process. We don't have these certifications for no reason at all. Premier Pools wants to give you the perfect backyard retreat for your home. Want to get started? Fill out our customer needs form, and contact us, and we will get back to you as soon as possible to schedule an appointment! 


Our New Project Questionnaire is the first main tool we use in our discovery step where we determine the initial scope of work through wants and needs.

  • Construction Process
  • Site Ammenities
  • Design Criteria
  • Maintenence Time

Program Guide

Program Guide
The second tool that we use is our Program Guide. Professional designers and architects use a "Program" to create a list of requirements to work towards.

  • Outlines Function
  • Estimated Pricing
  • Based on Client Needs
  • Overall Direction

Watershape Design

Watershape Design
The third tool is the the watershape deisgn. The art of communicating what I learned about you and your needs and how it is conveyed in a watershape.

  • Where Form Meets Function
  • Architectual Structure
  • Overall theme appeal of the watershape
  • Final Embelishments

Request a Quote

Request a Quote
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Premier Pools has provided me with the best pool I have ever had.
- Eddard Stark
Premier Pools has also provided me with the best pool I have ever had.
- Steve French


Premier Pools

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